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Country Style USA


Country Style, USA was a series of 15-minute radio and film shows for the US Army as a recruiting aid from 1957 to 1960. The shows featured the top country stars of the day singing many of their greatest hits. The episodes were produced in Nashville, Tennessee and distributed to local radio and TV stations. These old time radio shows with Benny Martin, Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, Ernest Tubb, Hank Snow, Roy Acuff, Stringbean & many others take you back with the classics of the 1950's.

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Escape (HQ)


Escape was radio's leading anthology series of high adventure, airing on CBS from July 7, 1947 to September 25, 1954. Since the program did not have a regular sponsor like Suspense, it was subjected to frequent schedule shifts and lower production budgets, although Richfield Oil signed on as a sponsor for five months in 1950.

Despite these problems, Escape enthralled many listeners during its seven-year run. The series' well-remembered opening combined Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain with this introduction, as intoned by Paul Frees and William Conrad:

“Tired of the everyday routine? Ever dream of a life of romantic adventure? Want to get away from it all? We offer you... Escape!”

Of the more than 230 Escape episodes, most have survived in good condition. Many story premises, both originals and adaptations, involved a protagonist in dire life-or-death straits, and the series featured more science fiction and supernatural tales than Suspense. Some of the memorable adaptations include Carl Stephenson's "Leiningen vs. the Ants", Algernon Blackwood's "Confession", Ray Bradbury's oft-reprinted "Mars Is Heaven," George R. Stewart's Earth Abides, Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game" and F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz".

John Collier's "Evening Primrose," about people who live inside a department store, was later adapted to TV as a Stephen Sondheim musical starring Anthony Perkins. Vincent Price, Harry Bartell and Jeff Corey were heard in the chilling "Three Skeleton Key" (broadcast on 17 March 1950), the tale of three men trapped in an isolated lighthouse by thousands of rats; the half-hour was adapted from an Esquire short story by the French writer George Toudouze and later remade for the 9 August 1953 broadcast starring William Conrad, Ben Wright and Jay Novello.

Actors on the series included Elvia Allman, Eleanor Audley, Parley Baer, Michael Ann Barrett, Tony Barrett, Harry Bartell, Ted Bliss, Lillian Buyeff, Ken Christy, William Conrad, Ted deCorsia, John Dehner, Don Diamond, Paul Dubov, Sam Edwards, Virginia Gregg, Lou Merrill, Howard McNear, Jess Kirkpatrick, B.J. Thompson, Shep Menken, Frank Gerstle, George Neece, Jeanette Nolan, Dan O’Herlihy, Barney Phillips, Forrest Lewis, Robert Griffin, Alan Reed, Bill Johnstone, Sandra Gould, Junius Matthews, Carlton Young, Frank Gerstle, Marvin Miller, Frank Lovejoy, Berry Kroeger, Vic Perrin, Elliott Lewis, Eleanore Tanin, Herb Vigran, Jack Webb, Peggy Webber and Will Wright.

Music was supplied by Dee Castillo, organist Ivan Ditmars, Cy Feuer, Wilbur Hatch and Leith Stevens. The announcers were Paul Frees and Roy Rowan.

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Lux Radio Theater

Lux Radio Theater, a long-run classic radio anthology series (NBC Blue Network (1934-1935); CBS (1935-1954); NBC (1954-1955)) which first adapted Broadway stage works, and then films to hour-long live radio presentations. It became the most popular dramatic anthology series on radio, broadcast for more than 20 years, and continued on television as the Lux Video Theatre through most of the 1950s.

Cecil B. DeMille was the host of the series each Monday evening from June 1, 1936, until January 22, 1945. On several occasions, usually when he was out of town, he was temporarily replaced by various celebrities, including Leslie Howard and Edward Arnold .
Lux Radio Theater strove to feature as many of the original stars of the original stage and film productions as possible, usually paying them $5,000 an appearance. In 1936, when sponsor Lever Brothers (who made Lux soap and detergent) moved the show from New York City to Hollywood, the program began to emphasize adaptations of films rather than plays. The first Lux film adaptation was The Legionnaire and the Lady, with Marlene Dietrich and Clark Gable, based on the film Morocco. That was followed by a Lux adaptation of The Thin Man, featuring the movie's stars, Myrna Loy and William Powell.
Many of leading names in stage and film appeared in the series, most in the roles they made famous on the screen, including Abbott and Costello, Jean Arthur, Lauren Bacall, Lucille Ball, Ethel Barrymore, John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, Charles Boyer, James Cagney, Claudette Colbert, Ronald Colman, Gary Cooper, Joseph Cotten, Joan Crawford, Bing Crosby, Bette Davis, Dan Duryea, Frances Farmer, Errol Flynn, Ava Gardner, Judy Garland,Greer Garson, Cary Grant, Lillian Gish, Charlton Heston, Bob Hope, Vivien Leigh, Fredric March,Agnes Moorehead, Paul Muni, Vincent Price, Donna Reed, Ginger Rogers, Mickey Rooney, Frank Sinatra, Ann Sothern, Barbara Stanwyck, James Stewart, Shirley Temple, Gene Tierney, Spencer Tracy, Lana Turner, John Wayne, Jane Wyman, Orson Welles, Loretta Young and Robert Young.

Though the show focused on film and its performers, perhaps inevitably several classic radio regulars appeared in Lux Radio Theater productions. Jim and Marian Jordan, better known as Fibber McGee and Molly, appeared on the show twice and also built an episode of their own radio comedy series around one of those appearances. Their longtime costar, Arthur Q. Bryan (wisecracking Doc Gamble) made a few Lux appearances as well. Bandleader Phil Harris, a longtime regular on Jack Benny's radio program, and his wife Alice Faye, who became radio stars with their own comedy show in 1948, appeared in a Lux presentation. Fred Allen, Jack Benny (with and without his wife, Mary Livingstone), George Burns and Gracie Allen were among the other radio stars who were invited to do Lux presentations as well.
At least once Lux Radio Theater presented an adaptation of the film version of a radio series, The Life of Riley, featuring William Bendix as the Brooklyn-born, California-transplanted, stumbling but bighearted aircraft worker he already made famous in the long-running radio series (and eventual television hit) of the same name.
But also at least once Lux Radio Theater offered a presentation without any known performers---its adaptation of This Is the Army during World War II featured a cast of American soldiers.
Mercury Theatre on the Air — which eventually made Orson Welles a force to be reckoned with, especially with his broadcast of The War of the Worlds (30 October 1938) provoked — was initially a summer replacement series for Lux Radio Theater in 1938.
A famous urban legend claimed that actor Sonny Tufts was slated to appear as a guest alongside Joan Fontaine for a production of The Major and the Minor on Lux Radio Theater. When Joseph Cotton read the names of the next week's cast, he supposedly said, with a mixture of shock and astonishment, that listeners would hear "that new, talented personality... Sonny Tufts?!" However, this never happened. The legend began as a fake segment on one of Kermit Shafer's popular "Bloopers" albums, which have been criticized for their "re-creations", fabrications and lack of accuracy. In actuality, Tufts was introduced by Cotton on the radio series Suspense, but Cotton's introduction was perfectly normal.
A clash over closed shop union rulings favored by the American Federation of Radio Artists ended DeMille's term as host of Lux Radio Theater. AFRA assessed members a dollar each to help back a campaign to enact closed-shop rulings in California. DeMille, an AFRA member but a stern opponent of closed shops, refused to pay because he believed it would nullify his opposition vote. When AFRA ruled those not paying faced suspension from the union, and thus a ban from appearing on the air, DeMille was finished in radio---because he also refused to let anyone else pay the dollar for him.
In his 1959 autobiography, DeMille alleged that a former member of the American Communist Party later confided to him that the party had consciously orchestrated these circumstances of his exclusion from radio, as they considered him to be one of their two foremost enemies in radio.

Lux Radio Theater employed several hosts over the following year, eventually choosing William Keighley as the new permanent host, a post he held from late 1945 through 1952.
After that, producer-director Irving Cummings hosted the program until it ended in 1955.
During its years on CBS in Hollywood, Lux Radio Theater was broadcast from the Lux Radio Playhouse located at 1615 North Vine Street in Hollywood, one block south of the famed intersection of Hollywood and Vine. The theater was later renamed The Huntington Hartford Theater, The Doolittle Theater and is now the Ricardo Montalban Theater.

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    Lux Radio Theater-351028-052-Dulcy.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360601-083-The Legionnaire and the Lady.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360608-084-The Thin Man.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360615-085-Burlesque.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360622-086-The Dark Angel.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360629-087-Irene.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360706-088-The Voice of Bugle Ann.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360713-089-The Brat.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360720-090-The Barker.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360727-091-Chained.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360810-093-The Jazz Singer.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360817-094-The Vagabond King.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360824-095-One Sunday Afternoon.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360831-096-Cheating Cheaters.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360907-097-Is Zat So.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360914-098-Quality Street.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-360928-100-The Plutocrat.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-361005-101-Elmer the Great.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-361012-102-The Curtain Rises.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-361026-104-Saturday's Children.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-361102-105-The Virginian.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-361109-106-Alias Jimmy Valentine.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-361116-107-Conversation Piece.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-361123-108-Story of Luis Pasteur.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-361130-109-Poly of the Circus.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-361207-110-The Grand Duchess and the Waiter.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-361214-111-Madame Sans-Gene.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-361221-112-The Gold Diggers.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-361228-113-Cavalcade.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370104-114-Men in White.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370111-115-The Gilded Lily.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370118-116-The Criminal Code.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370125-117-Tonight or Never.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370201-118-Mister Deeds Goes to Town.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370208-119-Graustark.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370215-120-Brewster's Millions.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370222-121-Captain Blood.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370301-122-Cappy Ricks.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370308-123-Madame Butterfly.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370315-124-Desire.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370322-125-Death Takes a Holiday.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370329-126-Dulcy.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370405-127-A Farewell to Arms.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370412-128-Dodsworth.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370419-129-Alibi Ike.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370426-130-Magnificent Obsession.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370503-131-Hands Across the Table.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370510-132-Mary of Scotland.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370517-133-Another Language.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370524-134-Under Two Flags.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370531-135-The Plainsman.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370607-136-British Agent.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370614-137-Madame X.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370621-138-Monsieur Beaucaire.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370628-139-The Front Page.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370705-140-Beau Brummel.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370913-141-A Star Is Born.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-370920-142-The Outsider.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-371004-144-Dodsworth.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-371011-145-Stella Dallas.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-371018-146-Up Pops the Devil.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-371025-147-Arrowsmith.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-371101-148-A Free Soul.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-371108-149-She Loves Me Not.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-371115-150-Come and Get It.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-371122-151-The Petrified Forest.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-371129-152-Peg O' My Heart.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-371206-153-These Three.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-371213-154-The Thirty Nine Steps.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-371220-155-The Song of Songs.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-371227-156-Beloved Enemy.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380103-157-Alice Adams.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380110-158-Enter Madame.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380117-159-Disraeli.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380124-160-Clarence.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380131-161-Green Light.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380207-162-Anna Christi.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380214-163-Brief Moment.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380221-164-Romance.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380228-165-Forsaking All Others.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380307-166-Poppy.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380314-167-The Boss.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380321-168-The Man Who Played God.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380328-169-Naughty Marietta.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380404-170-Dark Victory.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380411-171-Mary Burns, Fugitive.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380418-172-Mad About Music.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380425-173-Dangerous.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380502-174-The Prisoner of Shark Island.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380509-175-My Man Godfrey.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380516-176-The Girl from Tenth Avenue.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380523-177-The Letter.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380530-178-I Met My Love Again.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380606-179-A Doll's House.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380613-180-Theodora Goes Wild.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380620-181-Manslaughter.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380627-182-Jane Eyre.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380912-184-Spawn of the North.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380919-185-Morning Glory.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-380926-186-Seven Keys to Baldpate.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-381003-187-Another Dawn.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-381024-190-Babbitt.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-381031-191-That Certain Woman.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-381114-193-The Buccaneer.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-381121-194-Confession.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-381212-197-The Scarlet Pimpernel.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-381219-198-Kid Galahad.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-381226-199-Snow White.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390102-200-Perfect Speciman.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390109-201-Mayerling.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390116-202-Front Page Woman.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390123-203-Cardinal Richelieu.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390130-204-The Arkansas Traveler.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390206-205-The Count of Monte Cristo.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390213-206-The Return of Peter Grimm.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390220-207-Stage Door.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390227-208-Ceiling Zero.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390306-209-One-Way Passage.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390313-210-So Big.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390320-211-It Happened One Night.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390327-212-A Man's Castle.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390403-213-Silver Dollar.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390410-214-Lives of a Bengal Lancer.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390417-215-Bullets or Ballots.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390424-216-Broadway Bill.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390501-217-Lady for a Day.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390508-218-The Life of Emile Zola.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390515-219-Tovarich.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390522-220-Angels with Dirty Faces.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390529-221-Only Angels Have Wings.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390605-222-Prisoner of Zenda.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390612-223-White Banners.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390619-224-The Ex-Mrs Bradford.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390626-225-Mrs Moonlight.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390703-226-Bordertown.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390710-227-Ruggles of Red Gap.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390911-228-The Awful Truth.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390918-229-Wuthering Heights.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-390925-230-She Married Her Boss.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-391002-231-You Can't Take It with You.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-391009-232-The Sisters.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-391016-233-If I Were King.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-391023-234-Invitation to Happiness.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-391030-235-The Old Maid.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-391106-236-Only Yesterday.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-391113-237-The Champ.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-391120-238-Goodbye, Mister Chips.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-391204-240-A Man to Remember.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-391211-241-In Name Only.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-391218-242 - Four Daughters.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-391225-243-Pinocchio.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400101-244-Sorrell and Son.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400108-245-Dark Victory.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400115-246-Sing You Sinners.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400122-247-Bachelor Mother.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400205-249-The Young at Heart.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400212-250-The Sidewalks of London.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400219-251-Made for Each Other.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400226-252-Swing High, Swing Low.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400304-253-Trade Winds.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400311-254-My Son, My Son.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400318-255-The Rains Came.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400325-256-Remember the Night.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400401-257-Love Affair.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400408-258-Mama Loves Papa.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400415-259-The Underpup.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400422-260-Abe Lincoln in Illinois.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400429-261-Smilin' Through.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400506-262-Our Town.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400513-263-True Confessions.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400520-264-Midnight.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400527-265-Vigil in the Night.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400603-266-Alexander's Ragtime Band.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400610-267-Till We Meet Again.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400617-268-After the Thin Man.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400624-269-Show Boat.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400701-270-Alias the Deacon.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400708-271-To the Ladies.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400909-272-Manhatten Melodrama.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400916-273-Love Is News.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400923-274-The Westerner.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-400930-275-His Girl Friday.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-401007-276-Wings of the Navy.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-401014-277-The Littlest Rebel.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-401021-278-Lillian Russell.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-401028-279-Strike up the Band.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-401104-280-Wuthering Heights.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-401111-281-Nothing Sacred.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-401118-282-The Rage of Manhattan.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-401125-283-Jezebel.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-401202-284-Knute Rockne.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-401209-285-My Favorite Wife.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-401216-286-Fifth Avenue Girl.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-401223-287-Young Tom Edison.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-401230-288-A Little Bit of Heaven.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410106-289-Vivacious Lady.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410113-290-Libel.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410120-291-Cowboy and the Lady.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410127-292-Captain January.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410203-293-Rebecca.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410210-294-The Moon's Our Home.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410217-295-Johnny Apollo.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410224-296-The Whole Town's Talking.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410303-297-My Bill.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410310-298-The Awful Truth.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410317-299-Cheers for Miss Bishop.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410324-300-Flight Command.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410331-301-Stablemates.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410407-302-Stand-In.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410414-303-Dust Be My Destiny.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410421-304-The Letter.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410428-305-Wife, Husband and Friend.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410505-306-Kitty Foyle.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410512-307-Craig's Wife.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410519-308-Model Wife.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410526-309-Virginia City.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410602-310-They Drive by Night.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410609-311-Mr and Mrs Smith.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410616-312-The Lady from Cheyenne.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410623-313-The Shop Around the Corner.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410630-314-I Love You Again.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410707-315-Algiers.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410908-316-Tom, Dick, and Harry.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410915-317-Lost Horizon.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410922-318-Lydia.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-410929-319-Third Finger, Left Hand.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-411006-320-Unfinished Business.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-411013-321-Buck Privates.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-411020-322-Blood and Sand.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-411027-323-Her First Beau.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-411103-324-Hired Wife.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-411110-325-Hold Back the Dawn.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-411117-326-Merton of the Movies.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-411124-327-Maisie Was a Lady.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-411201-328-A Man's Castle.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-411208-329-The Doctor Takes a Wife.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-411215-330-All This and Heaven Too.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-411222-331-Remember the Night.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-411229-332-The Bride Came COD.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420105-333-Smilin' Through.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420112-334-A Tale of Two Cities.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420119-335-The Devil and Miss Jones.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420126-336-Here Comes Jordon.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420202-337-Skylark.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420209-338-City for Conquest.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420216-339-Blossoms in the Dust.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420223-340-Appointment for Love.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420302-341-The Great Lie.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420309-342-The Lady Eve.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420316-343-Manpower.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420323-344-Strawberry Blonde.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420330-345-I Wanted Wings.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420406-346-The Fighting 69Th.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420413-347-North West Mounted Police.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420420-348-One Foot in Heaven.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420427-349-Penny Serenade.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420504-350-Suspicion.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420511-351-The Last of Mrs Cheyney.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420518-352-A Man to Remember.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420629-358-The Champ.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420706-359-Love Affair.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420713-360-Hm Pulham, Esq.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420914-361-This Above All.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420921-362-How Green Was My Valley.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-420928-363-The Magnificent Dope.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-421005-364-Love Crazy.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-421012-365-Morning Glory.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-421019-366-My Favorite Blonde.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-421026-367-Wake Island.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-421102-368-A Woman's Face.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-421116-370-To Mary with Love.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-421214-374-Algiers.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-421221-375-The Pied Piper.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-421228-376-A Star Is Born.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430104-377-The Bugle Sounds.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430111-378-She Knew All the Answers.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430118-379-My Gal Sal.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430125-380-This Gun for Hire.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430201-381-The Show-Off.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430208-382-The Maltese Falcon.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430215-383-Are Husbands Necessary.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430301-385-The Lady Is Willing.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430308-386-Reap The Wild Wind.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430315-387-Libel.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430322-388-Each Dawn I Die.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430405-390-The Road to Morocco.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430412-391-Once upon a Honeymoon.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430419-392-A Night to Remember.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430426-393-The Lady Has Plans.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430503-394-The Navy Comes Through.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430510-395-Now, Voyager.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430517-396-The Talk of the Town.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430524-397-Hitler's Children.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430531-398-The Major and the Minor.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430607-399-My Friend Flicka.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430614-400-The Philadelphia Story.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430621-401-In Which We Serve.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430628-402-The Great Man's Lady.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430705-403-My Sister Eileen.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430712-404-Air Force.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430913-405-The Phantom of the Opera.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430920-406-Flight for Freedom.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-430927-407-Ladies in Retirement.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-431004-408-Pride of the Yankees.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-431011-409-Heaven Can Wait.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-431018-410-Mister Lucky.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-431025-411-Slightly Dangerous.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-431101-412-So Proudly We Hail.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-431108-413-Salute to the Marines.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-431115-414-Hello, Frisco, Hello.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-431122-415-China.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-431129-416-The Navy Comes Through.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-431206-417-Mrs Miniver.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-431213-418-Five Graves to Cairo.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-431220-419-Dixie.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-431227-420-Kathleen.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440103-421-Shadow of a Doubt.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440110-422-The Constant Nymph.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440124-423-Casablanca.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440131-424-Random Harvest.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440207-425-His Butler's Sister.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440214-426-The Fallen Sparrow.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440221-427-Wake up and Live.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440228-428-Guadalcanal.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440306-429-The Letter.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440313-430-In Old Oklahoma.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440320-431-The Hard Way.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440327-432-The Phantom Lady.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440403-433-Destroyer.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440410-434-Happy Land.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440417-435-Coney Island.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440424-436-This Land Is Mine.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440501-437-Appointment for Love.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440508-438-Penny Serenade.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440515-439-Action in the North Atlantic.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440522-440-Springtime in the Rockies.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440529-441-Old Acquaintance.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440605-442-Jane Eyre.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440612-443-Naughty Marietta.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440619-444-Lost Angel.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440626-445-Christmas in July.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440703-446-It Happened Tomorrow.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440904-447-Maytime.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440911-448-Break of Hearts.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440918-449-Suspicion.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-440925-450-Lucky Partners.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-441002-451-Home in Indiana.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-441009-452-In Old Chicago.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-441016-453-Seventh Heaven.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-441023-454-The Story of Dr Wassell.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-441030-455-Standing Room Only.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-441106-456-The Pied Piper.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-441113-457-Magnificent Obsession.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-441120-458-It Started with Eve.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-441127-459-Dark Waters.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-441204-460-The Unguarded Hour.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-441211-461-Casanova Brown.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-441218-462-Berkeley Square.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-441225-463-The Vagabond King.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450101-464-Bride by Mistake.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450108-465-I Never Left Home.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450115-466-The Master Race.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450122-467-Tender Comrade.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450129-468-Lady in the Dark.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450205-469-Laura.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450212-470-For Whom the Bell Tolls.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450219-471-Sunday Dinner for a Soldier.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450226-472-Bedtime Story.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450305-473-Disputed Passage.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450312-474-The Devil and Miss Jones.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450319-475-Grissley's Millions.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450326-476-A Tale of Two Cities.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450402-477-Swanee River.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450409-478-The Suspect.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450416-479-Only Yesterday.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450423-480-The Petrified Forest.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450430-481-Moontide.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450507-482-Sing You Sinners.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450514-483-Alexander Graham Bell.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450521-484-And Now Tomorrow.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450528-485-Kentucky.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450604-486-Intermezzo.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450611-487-Murder, My Sweet.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450618-488-The Canterville Ghost.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450625-489-Woman in the Window.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450827-490-Practically Yours.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450903-491-The Enchanted Cottage.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-450917-493-Christmas Holiday.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-451001-495-Mrs Skeffington.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-451008-496-Roughly Speaking.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-451015-497-A Medal for Benny.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-451022-498-Lost Angel.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-451029-499-Affairs of Susan.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-451105-500-Destry Rides Again.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-451112-501-Guest in the House.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-451119-502-Keys of the Kingdom.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-451126-503-Salty O'Roarke.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-451203-504-Blood on the Sun.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-451210-505-Guest Wife.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-451217-506-Made for Each Other.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-451224-507-I'll Be Seeing You.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-451231-508-Pride of the Marines.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460107-509-You Came Along.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460114-510-Valley of Decision.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460121-511-Johnny Eager.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460128-512-The Clock.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460204-513-This Love Is Ours.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460211-514-Now, Voyager.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460218-515-Captain January.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460225-516-Thunderhead; Son of Flicka.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460304-517-The Amazing Mrs Holliday.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460311-518-Presenting Lily Mars.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460318-519-A Tale of Two Cities.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460325-520-Wonderman.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460401-521-Barnacle Bill.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460408-522-Honky Tonk.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460415-523-Whistle Stop.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460422-524-Love Letters.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460429-525-Gaslight.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460506-526-Tomorrow Is Forever.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460513-527-Pardon My Past.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460520-528-Deadline at Dawn.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460527-529-Music for Millions.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460603-530-None but the Lonely Heart.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460610-531-And Now Tomorrow.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460617-532-Fallen Angel.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460624-533-State Fair.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460826-534-Without Reservations.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460902-535-Our Vines Have Tender Grapes.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460909-536-The Barretts of Winpole Street.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460916-537-Madame Curie.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460923-538-Sentimental Journey.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-460930-539-Coney Island.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-461007-540-Dragonwyck.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-461014-541-To Have and Have Not.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-461021-542-Miss Susie Slagles.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-461028-543-From This Day Forward.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-461104-544-I've Always Loved You.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-461118-546-OSS.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-461125-547-Mrs Parkinton.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-461202-548-Meet Me in Saint Louis.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-461209-549-Together Again.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-461216-550-Killer Cates.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-461223-551-Do You Love Me.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-461230-552-Crack Up.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470106-553-Till the End of Time.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470113-554-The Green Years.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470120-555-Anna and the King of Siam.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470127-556-Cluny Brown.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470203-557-National Velvet.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470210-558-Frenchmen's Creek.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470217-559-Devotion.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470224-560-Kitty.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470303-561-Somewhere in the Night.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470310-562-It's a Wonderful Life.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470317-563-Leave Her to Heaven.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470324-564-Smoky.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470331-565-How Green Was My Valley.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470407-566-Alexander's Ragtime Band.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470414-567-Monsieur Beaucaire.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470421-568-My Reputation.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470428-569-My Darling Clementine.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470505-570-The Egg and I.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470512-571-Johnny O'Clock.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470519-572-It Happened on Fifth Avenue.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470526-573-Vacation from Marriage.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470602-574-The Jazz Singer.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470616-576-The Other Love.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470623-577-Cynthia.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470825-578-A Stolen Life.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470901-579-Three Wise Fools.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470908-580-Margie.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470915-581-The Seventh Veil.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470922-582-Two Years Before the Mast.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-470929-583-The Web.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-471006-584-Undercurrent.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-471013-585-Great Expectations.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-471020-586-Thirteen Rue Madeleine.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-471103-588-Singapore.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-471110-589-The Dark Corner.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-471117-590-Nobody Lives Forever.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-471124-591-Saratoga Trunk.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-471201-592-The Ghost and Mrs Muir.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-471208-593-Ride the Pink Horse.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-471215-594-Magic Town.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-471222-595-Miracle on 34th Street.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-471229-596-Anchors Aweigh.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480105-597-The Farmer's Daughter.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480112-598-The Kiss of Death.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480119-599-The Yearling.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480126-600-Notorious.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480202-601-Mother Wore Tights.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480209-602-Lady in the Lake.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480216-603-The Jolson Story.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480301-605-Bad Bascomb.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480301-605-Bad Bascombe.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480308-606-Spellbound.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480329-609-I Love You Again.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480405-610-Daisy Kenyon.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480412-611-The Perfect Marriage.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480419-612-Random Harvest.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480503-614-Cloak and Dagger.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480510-615-Intrigue.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480524-617-I Walk Alone.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480531-618-Miracle of the Bells.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480614-620-Jane Eyre.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480830-622-I Remember Mama.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480913-624-Another Part of the Forest.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-480920-625-Gentleman's Agreement.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-481018-629-Razor's Edge.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-481115-632-Body and Soul.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-481122-633-The Big Clock.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-481129-634-Brief Encounter.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-481213-636-The Seventh Veil.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-481220-637-Miracle on 34th Street.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-481227-638-Luck of the Irish.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490110-640-The Velvet Touch.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490131-643-Street with No Name.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490214-645-Sitting Pretty.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490228-647-Apartment for Peggy.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490307-648-Red River.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490314-649-What a Woman.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490418-654-The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490425-655-When My Baby Smiles for Me.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490509-657-The Paradine Case.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490516-658-April Showers.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490523-659-To the Ends of the Earth.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490606-661-Mildred Pierce.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490613-662-The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490620-663-Merton of the Movies.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490829-665-June Bride.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490905-666-Saigon.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490919-668-Green Dolphin Street.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-490926-669-Emperor Waltz.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-491003-670-It Happens Every Spring.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-491010-671-Mister Blandings Builds His Dream House.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-491017-672-Mother Was a Freshman.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-491024-673-Scudda Hoo, Scudda Hay.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-491031-674-Portrait of Jenny.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-491107-675-High Wall.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-491128-678-Key Largo.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-491219-681-The Bishop's Wife.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500109-684-Sorry Wrong Number.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500116-685-Mister Belvedere Goes to College.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500123-686-I'll Be Yours.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500213-689-The Stratton Story.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500220-690-Letter to Three Wives.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500227-691-Easy to Wed.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500306-692-Slattery's Hurricane.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500313-693-Little Women.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500320-694-Father Was a Fullback.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500327-695-The Man Who Came to Dinner.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500403-696-Come to the Stable.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500410-697-Snake Pit.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500424-699-Mrs Mike.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500501-700-All My Sons.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500508-701-Life of Riley.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500522-703-Jolson Sings Again.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500612-706-The Corn Is Green.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500619-707-John Loves Mary.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-500911-711-The Heiress.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-501016-716-House of Strangers.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-501030-718-Double Indemnity.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-501106-719-Rebecca.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-501113-720-Wabash Avenue.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-501127-722-You're My Everything.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-501204-723-Apartment for Peggy.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-501218-725-Holiday Affair.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-501225-726-The Wizard of Oz.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510108-728-Once More My Darling.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510122-730-Broken Arrow.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510129-731-Treasure Island.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510212-733-Battleground.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510219-734-Dear Wife.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510305-736-Panic in the Streets.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510312-737-She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510326-739-Seventh Heaven.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510402-740-Where the Sidewalk Ends.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510409-741-The Third Man.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510430-744-Down to the Sea in Ships.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510507-745-Cheaper by the Dozen.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510604-749-A Ticket to Tomahawk.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510618-751-Edward, My Son.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510903-754-Payment on Demand.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510910-755-Fancy Pants.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510917-756-Sunset Boulevard.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-510924-757-Movietime, USA.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-511001-758-All About Eve.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-511015-760-Mister 880.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-511022-761-Margie.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-511029-762-I'd Climb the Highest Mountain.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-511112-764-Winchester 73.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-511119-765-Samson and Delilah.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-511203-767-Strangers on a Train.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-511210-768-The Lemon Drop Kid.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-511224-770-Alice in Wonderland.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-520114-773-Goodbye, My Fancy.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-520121-774-Captain Horatio Hornblower.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-520128-775-Branded.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-520211-777-Showboat.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-520225-779-My Blue Heaven.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-520303-780-Young Man with a Horn.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-520317-782-Top O' the Morning.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-520324-783-Come to the Stable.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-520331-784-I Can Get It for You Wholesale.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-520407-785-Union Station.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-520428-788-No Highway in the Sky.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-520922-795-I'll Never Forget You.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-520929-796-Adam and Evelyn.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-521013-798-Five Fingers.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-521020-799-My Six Convicts.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-521103-801-Viva Zapata.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-521110-802-Grounds for Marriage.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-521117-803-Submarine Command.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-521201-805-King Soloman's Mines.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-521208-806-Strictly Dishonorable.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-521215-807-The African Queen.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-521222-808-Les Miserables.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530119-812-Appointment with Danger.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530202-814-Captain Carey, USA.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530209-815-With a Song in My Heart.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530216-816-Lady in the Dark.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530302-818-Close to My Heart.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530309-819-The People Against O'Hara.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530323-821-Fourteen Hours.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530330-822-The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530406-823-Angels in the Outfield.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530420-825-Deadline, USA.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530504-827-Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530511-828-The Bishop's Wife.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530518-829-The Girl in White.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530525-830-Lure of the Wilderness.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530601-831-High Tor.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530615-833-Lady and the Tumblers.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530622-834-The Fall of Maggie Phillips.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530629-835-One More Spring.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530706-836-Cynara.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530713-837-Physician in Spite of Himself.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530720-838-The Birds.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530727-839-One Foot in Heaven.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530803-840-Romance to a Degree.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530810-841-Leave Her to Heaven.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530824-843-Affairs of Susan.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530831-844-One Last September.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530907-845-My Cousin Rachel.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530914-846-The Steel Trap.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530921-847-I Confess.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-530928-848-The President's Lady.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-531005-849-Our Very Own.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-531012-850-Breaking the Sound Barrier.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-531019-851-Taxi.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-531026-852-Skirts Ahoy.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-531102-853-Because of You.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-531116-855-It Grows on Trees.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-531123-856-The Browning Version.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-531214-859-Million Dollar Mermaid.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-531221-860-Peter Pan.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-531228-861-June Bride.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540104-862-The Day the Earth Stood Still.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540111-863-Has Anybody Seen My Gal.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540118-864-The Winslow Boy.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540125-865-People Will Talk.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540201-866-Laura.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540315-872-Jeopardy.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540322-873-Carbine Williams.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540329-874-A Blueprint for Murder.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540405-875-Welcome Stranger.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540412-876-Strangers on a Train.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540419-877-The Star.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540426-878-Detective Story.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540503-879-Going My Way.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540510-880-Holy Matrimony.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540531-883-What a Woman.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540607-884-The Naked Jungle.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540614-885-Mildred Pierce.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540621-886-Pickup on South Street(AFRS).mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540914-888-Wuthering Heights.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540921-889-So Big.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-540928-890-How Green Was My Valley.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-541005-891-The Turning Point.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-541012-892-Great Expectations.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-541019-893-David and Bathshebe.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-541026-894-Song of Bernadette.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-541109-896-My Man Godfrey.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-541116-897-Mother Didn't Tell Me.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-541123-898-All About Eve.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-541130-899-The Blue Gardinia.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-541207-900-Battleground.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-541214-901-Secret of the Incas.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-541221-902-Miracle on 34th Street.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-541228-903-The Iron Mistress.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550104-904-Mother Wore Tights.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550111-905-Island in the Sky.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550118-906-The Awful Truth.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550125-907-Sangaree (AFRS).mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550201-908-Five Fingers.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550208-909-War of the Worlds.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550215-910-The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550222-911-Shane 2.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550222-911-Shane.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550301-912-The Bishop's Wife.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550315-914-Gentleman's Agreement.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550322-915 Rawhide.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550329-916-Trouble Along the Way.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550412-918-Stairway to Heaven.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550510-922-Together Again.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater-550531-925-Rope of Sand.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater_SoundOfMurder_SouthAfrica.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater_TheLateEdwinaBlack_SouthAfrica.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater_TheMayerlingAffa_SouthAfrica.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater_YoureNotTheWomanIMarried_SouthAfrica.mp3
    Lux Stars/

    South Africa